"I am a result of what Jon Spencer and Jungle Gym Fitness can do for anyone. After a rough patch in my life, I started working with him on the bio-mechanics of my body. He taught me how to use nutrition not just for food, but for fuel. Within 3.5 months I managed to become lean by lose nearly forty pounds as I packed on over fifteen pounds of muscle! We also got my body fat percentage from 30 to 17% in that same time frame. Jon pushed my body to the limit. In his workouts he pays attention to core strength, stamina, and endurance. I'm so thankful to have Jon as my trainer, he has certainly put me on the path to the best and healthiest lifestyle I could ever imagine! With him in my corner, I know together we can help me become a champion with a healthy lifestyle!"    



"I had been doing a workout regimen on my own for over a  year. I had lost about ten pounds, but was not happy with those results because I had not reached my goals. I met Jon in 2013 and began my transformation under his direction. Jon from the onset was very professional and knowledgable not only of the body and creating excellent workout plans. He’s the perfect mix of tough and encouraging. Jon knows how to deal with different injuries and sensitivities. That being said, he knows when something painful should be rolled/stretched out rather than just worked around. To me this was ultimate when it comes to having a trainer. He's also a great nutrition coach for overall fitness goals and my occasional superficial goals without any judgment. I dropped over 35 pounds and 10% body fat that I've maintained for the last few years. Not only have I met most of my goals... he helped me surpass them. As a mother of 3 children at age 43, I am healthier, stronger, and more fit than I have ever been. I would highly recommend Jon as a fitness coach without any reservations because if I can do it you can too!"



"Jon is an amazing person, very knowledgeable in his industry and is a great fitness/wellness coach. He truly cares about the well being of others and I’m in a much better place today as a result. Jon spent time talking with me about my personal wellness goals. He put me on a program that helped me achieve my goals to lose weight and get fit.  It took me a little over 4 months, but I’m down 28 pounds, 21 inches, about 18% body fat. This allows me to fit back in my favorite jeans that I wore back in college! People at work even noticed my results and this encouraged my boss to invite him to our office to speak to the entire company."



"As a professional athlete I have worked with numerous fitness trainers, and by far Jon is the best! His approach to fitness has impacted my athletic career in a major way. He always challenges me with a combination of the right push and motivation. I can hardly believe I will be going into another season feeling great like I'm unstoppable. I appreciate Jon so much we have become good friends and I have referred many of my friends to work with him."


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